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Saliya Ekanayake

Ph.D. Candidate | Research Assistant at Indiana University, Bloomington

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At Present …

I am a Computer Science PhD candidate and a Research Assistant at Indiana University, Bloomington. Further, I am affiliated with Digital Science Center (DSC) and my research adviser is Prof. Geoffrey C. Fox. My research is on high performance data analytics, specifically on understanding the performance of BigData global machine learning problems. I am also an Apache committer for the Apache Synapse project.

In the Past …

A Few Things …

I live with my wife, Kalani and our son, Neth in the small town of Bloomington, Indiana. My wife and I have our roots in the beautiful island of Sri Lanka.

Most of my day is spent next to a computer, but when I am not, you would find me covered in saw dust in our back yard. Once in a while I will dust off and shoot a few snaps with my camera too.